Why do churches have Columbariums and/or Memorial Gardens?

From earliest times, Christians have buried their dead in crypts, church yards, on the inside of the church, or on church property. The solemn inurnment of the remains of a loved one in a columbarium is in complete keeping with our confidence in our resurrection through faith in Jesus Christ.
As Christians, we regard burning as a properly reverent way of disposing of objects which have been blessed for religious use, e.g. prayer books, altar linens, etc. It is appropriate to destroy by burning what has been set apart and used to the glory of God. How much more so is it appropriate to cremate the human body and to inurn the remains in a receptacle housed in the church columbarium and memorial garden.
If the congregation is the center of life through baptism, confirmation, Holy Communion and marriage, then death and burial are also an integral part. It is comforting to know that the ashes of our dear ones will be placed inside the columbarium and memorial garden. This burial allows all members of the Christian community to gather in loving remembrance and to strengthen the bond between the living and the dead.
The option of reserving space in St. Margaret’s Columbarium and Memorial Garden allows present members of the church and their families to make important decisions about the disposal of their earthly remains, thus removing the burden from the grieving bereaved.
Should you wish to reserve space in our columbarium or would like more information, please contact Elizabeth Connery by email at econnery@stmargaretschurch.org, or our Rector, Mary Vano at mvano@stmargaretschurch.org.  You may reach either of them by phone in the churh office at 501-821-1311.

To volunteer to help with the grounds and upkeep of the Columbarium and Memorial Garden, please call Alf Williams at 501-920-3765.