Friends of All Faiths

Friends of All Faiths

by The Rev. Mary Vano on August 10, 2022
In 2015, the Interfaith Center of St. Margaret's started working on an innovative idea: a week long day camp to bring kids of different faith traditions together, giving children an opportunity to learn about their own faith tradition and each other's, and building friendship and love among them.  The first camp was hosted at St. Margaret's in 2016, and in the last week of June, we took our turn to host once again.  It was an amazing week at St. Margaret's, filled with energy, love, and beautiful moments of learning.  The Arkansas Democrat Gazette sent Frank Lockwood to report on the event, and you can read his coverage here.  Across the country, there is no camp quite like the Friendship Camp of Central Arkansas, and 2022 was our most exciting year yet! 

There's a wonderful team of leaders and religious educators from around Little Rock who have worked so hard to make Friendship Camp a success.  Within our church community, special thanks go to Kris Alexander who was an important member of that team.  I am so proud that St. Margaret's is a part of this amazing ministry, and I hope you will feel the same as you see the pictures below.