Youth Serve St. Francis House

by Caroline Minor on January 6, 2014
It’s easy to take what we have for granted, especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving. But as the St. Margaret’s youth group learned, the holidays bring opportunities to join together as a community to help those who need it most. Both inside and outside of the church this season, our youth group spent time helping others and spreading charity and love through service and outreach projects for St. Francis House.  

During the month of November, a portion of every EYC meeting was set aside to work on the St. Francis House Toiletry Drive. This drive was held to raise common bathroom supplies for those under the care of St. Francis House. With the help of our youth leaders, we decorated drop-off boxes, made signs to get the word out, and at the end of the month, gathered all the donations for delivery. Thanks to those who helped out and donated, the project was a huge success; over 300 pieces of toiletries were gathered for St. Francis House.

Youth member Charlotte Alexander says that the effort she witnessed being put into the toiletry drive and the effect it had was a huge eye-opener. “It allowed me to realize that if we all do something small we can have a big result,” she says, “and at the same time we still had fun doing it.”

The youth group also participated in an outreach program called the St. Francis House Christmas Basket Delivery, where we unloaded and delivered baskets full of food and pre-wrapped gifts to residents of a government-funded living home. Tony Chaco, who attended the Christmas Basket Delivery, says, “Seeing the joyful smiles as we delivered the Christmas boxes was a heart warming experience that showed me God’s loving hands working in the world around me.” We found that giving back makes both the helpers and those being helped feel grateful and happy.   

Coming together as a youth group to help those in need was an experience that proved to us what a community, no matter the size, can do. What we received from these two service projects is not something that can be easily taken for granted: the warmth that comes from knowing we made a difference and stronger relationships with each other. 

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