Where Everybody Knows Your Name

by Elizabeth Connery on September 3, 2015
An old St. Margaret's tradition is carrying on in a new way.

Everyone who attends St. Margaret’s is familiar with the sticker name tags we wear so we can call each other by name, whether we are long-time members or newcomers.  The stickers we’ve used in the past are no longer available for purchase, and it’s time to make a change.  We’ve devised a system of reusable nametags that will allow us to be good stewards of our finances and our Earth’s resources; no more expensive stickers in the trash every week. 

At the welcome tables, there are new, laminated nametags.  Members are asked to write their names with a permanent marker.  After worship, members will leave their nametags on the magnetic boards located by the upstairs and downstairs doors, to be reused the following Sunday when they return.  Of course, we can take them home with us or leave them in our cars, but we have to remember to bring them back! 

Visitors will have the option to write their names on a similar, less permanent nametag that attaches with a pin.  These are more appropriate for one-time or short-term use and can be reused when possible.  Members with pacemakers or others who cannot wear a magnet nametag may use these pin on tags, as well. 

It will take us a little time to get used to using our permanent name tags, but they will be much less expensive and produce much less waste, while continuing the tradition of hospitality at St. Margaret’s.