Way of Love Evangelism

by anonymous on September 4, 2019
On August 24th, about 40 people from around the Diocese of Arkansas gathered at St. Margaret's to engage a subject that is a bit uncomfortable for many in the church: Evangelism.  Jerusalem Greer, Staff Officer for Evangelism for the Episcopal Church, did a terrific job helping us to see evangelism as one way that we can bless others with the love of Christ.  But first, she reminded us that Episcopal Evangelism is NOT:
  • Heavy-handed, guilt based, or manipulative
  • A tool for use to get more people as converts, church members, or pledging units
  • Results based
  • A fad
  • Formulaic
  • Something that requires the light of other faiths to dim in order for ours to shine.

Instead, Evangelism is about deeply knowing the love of Jesus in our lives, and offering to others the opportunity to experience this love for themselves.  "It's like if I were eating a piece of key lime pie at a table with my friend Eve," Jerusalem said.  "I wouldn't assume that Eve doesn't like key lime, nor would I worry that maybe she is gluten-free.  I would tell her that I think it's delicious, and offer her a piece."

The morning workshop also allowed participants to experience the "Way of Love" - the Episcopal Church's rule of life.  With help from the Rev. Marna Franson (St. Nicholas in Maumelle), and the Rev. Mary Vano (St. Margaret's), the morning held opportunities to Turn (reorient), Learn, Worship, Pray, Bless, Go, and Rest.  

It was a well-spent Saturday morning, sending us out feeling inspired and encouraged to bless others with an experience of God's great love.