Vano Family Embark on Sabbatical Journey

by anonymous on May 12, 2017
The last Sunday of April was a time of celebration and sending off.  The Rev. Mary Vano, our rector, and her family said farewell to St. Margaret’s as they began a three month sabbatical.  The church bid the Vano family goodbye with toasts and prayers, excited for the time of renewal and learning this will mean for Mary and her family and eager to welcome their return with all of the new insights this time will offer. 

The Rev. Vano was given a “Flat Maggie” to take with her on her journeys, a way for her to remember that the prayers of the congregation are with her.  She has already begun to take pictures of Maggie on her journeys, posting them to the St. Margaret’s Facebook page

During her Sabbatical Mary will be studying photography, exploring depictions of the Holy Family in Europe, and taking time for rest and renewal.  She will return to St. Margaret’s in time for the groundbreaking on our new Peggy Bosmyer Christian Formation Center.

In the meantime, St. Margaret’s is continuing to live out its mission and life as a place of transformative relationships that display God’s love to our neighbors and community.