St. Margaret's Story: Susie Cummins

by anonymous on June 17, 2017
When Susie Cummins first came to St. Margaret’s she appreciated the intimate, welcoming community she found there. It was a place where she was able to blend her protestant faith with her newfound love of liturgy.

Susie is a cradle Presbyterian and longtime teacher.  With past work as a nurse, Susie began teaching when her son (now a business major at Fayetteville), went to pre-school.  She taught kindergarten and first grade in Batesville public schools, but when she and her husband moved to Little Rock so that her husband could take a job as the Chief Medical Officer at St. Vincent’s she began teaching at St. Edward’s Catholic School.

It was at the weekly mass she attended with her students that Susie began to be drawn to the liturgy.  “I fell in love with that order of worship,” she says, “there was something in it that touched me, but I knew that I didn’t want to become Catholic.”

Susie lives near St. Margaret’s and had passed by it every day on her way home from teaching.  With her new desire for liturgy she decided to visit.  Her first Sunday visiting was Christ the King Sunday and she felt welcomed and fed through the community and worship at the church.  She became officially received by the Bishop during his annual visit.  “I wanted to be all in,” she said.
Susie says that the things she particularly enjoys about St. Margaret’s are the closeness of the community and the ability to receive communion each Sunday.  “It does something for my soul,” she says.

With her two daughters and son all out of the house and in college and gradschool, Susie enjoys a variety of hobbies from working out at the gym to gardening and reading.  Her most surprising activity is her love of parasailing.  “It is very out of character for me, but it is very peaceful when you get up in the air,” she says.  Susie enjoys it every time she goes to the beach at Gulf Shores. 

We are glad that Susie has found a community at St. Margaret’s and look forward to her continued presence with us as we seek to make God’s presence known in our community whether it is in a kindergarten classroom or our communion on Sunday.