Serving Veterans

by Mary Turriff on February 3, 2015
St. Margaret's dinner for the veterans from St. Francis house on January 15 was a joyful event with many volunteers from our church helping.  The veterans were so appreciative and I think we all felt it was a privilege to serve and visit with our guests. The veterans complimented our home cooking and beautiful welcome center.  Thank you to the numerous volunteers who cooked and provided food. Many thanks also to our warm greeters and servers, and the dedicated cleaning crew who stayed til the very end. Also a special thanks to the kiddos who helped out as it was special to see their willingness to serve.

The dinner was a real reminder for me how God provides - we had ample food and near the end as we were passing desserts one veteran asked me if we had oatmeal raisin cookies. I replied we didn't but that I would keep my eyes out for some (though all the desserts were on the serving table and clearly there were no oatmeal raisin cookies).  Less than five minutes later a parishioner dashed in apologizing for being late - she has young children and it's amazing that she was even there- what did she bring? Many cookies, including oatmeal raisin! I'm happy she still came and didn't let being a few minutes late stop her. The man was so delighted when we were able to come back to his table with his favorite cookie. It's such a small thing but it felt so good to be able to give him exactly what he wanted. I'm so happy we had enough food and people left with full stomachs.  I hope we will continue to be God's hands as a community not only because it is what we are called to do, but that it's in the serving that we often feel God's presence. Or as my ten year old Theo said, "It just feels good. Can we do that again?"

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