Playing Priest

by anonymous on June 17, 2017
Children play house, run a business from beneath their beds, organize their stuffed animals into a zoo, but many children at St. Margaret's have been playing something else at home: priest.  With coolaid and crackers, a slice of bread and a sippy cup, St. Margaret's children have been spotted in a variety of households celebrating our liturgies at their coffee tables or their playroom floors.  

Since children's play is a means of honoring and valuing something we couldn't be happier that our church life is making its way into their play. This is a testament to the great work happening in our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.

On Sunday, May 21st our Catechesis "school year" ended as we moved into a summer break. As a program that deepens childrens understanding of liturgy and the stories of scripture we ended the year with a liturgy.  Candles were lit and all of the children gathered in the hall as some celebrated the end of the year and others transitioned into the new classrooms they'll enter in the Fall.

It was a time of celebration, of good stories and play, as we moved into another year of