Partnering with the Clean Eatery

Partnering with the Clean Eatery

by The Rev. Mary Vano on February 2, 2022
In December, St. Margaret's was glad to begin a new partnership with The Clean Eatery.  They were in need of a kitchen, and we were glad to rent them space, and support their local business!

The Clean Eatery is a healthy meal service company, preparing delicious and nutritious meals and delivering them to the homes of subscribed customers.  Owner Ryan McGehee says, "We really just want to better the lives of both our customers and workers. Customers get a healthy and convenient meal option, where a busy person would otherwise have to eat fast food. For our workers we pay competitive wages and offer health centered perks.”  Ryan and his team are a friendly addition to our community during the week, and when they have extra food they make a point to donate it to local charities.

If you'd like to learn more about The Clean Eatery, please visit their website here