O Christmas Tree

by Fontaine Leonard on January 6, 2014
When I say Christmas, what comes to mind? Warmth, family, friends, and the birth of baby Jesus. This past Christmas season, I had the honor of joining with my fellow church friends to gather around our tree. It was a truly lovely and memorable experience.

Having an opportunity to sit with people whom I love to see every week for more than the standard couple of hours on Sunday was a treat. Through our daily lives we rush here and there and rarely get the opportunity to just sit a relish all the joys of great relationships. 

When we arrived at church that evening, my son and I joined everyone for a variety of delicious homemade chilis and the chance to hang some sparkly ornaments from years past. There were plenty for this little ones to do as the ornament making stations busied up the tables. 

A couple of us volunteered to hop up high atop the ladders around the tree to spread out the ornaments and ribbon all around. One of my favorite things about decorating the tree was the well-adorned areas just within reach of all the little ones who hurried to make and get their favorites hung. Perhaps another favorite was watching the children run up in droves to help us who were too far up the ladders to keep hopping down, to place ribbons and shiny balls and snowflakes.

One of the things I adore is laughter. Especially children’s laughter. This was at the forefront of everything at the annual tree trimming party at St. Margaret’s. Sparkle, twinkle, delicious home cooked food & Wassel.  
With all the hustling and bustling we all do during the week, it was such a moment in a Norman Rockwell painting we had the pleasure of enjoying together. There is the key… we were all together. And, to top it all off, in the name of the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Oh how I loved decorating for His birthday in 2013. Can’t wait until next year. (And/Or Easter!)

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