NEW Children's Ministry

by The Rev. Mary Vano on April 29, 2015
Thanks to the input of many of you who participated in the recent Children’s Ministry Survey, St. Margaret’s is ready to embark on a new ministry!  With overwhelming support from the congregation, we will begin offering a children’s sermon time every week during the 10:30 service, starting this summer.  Children who choose to participate will be shepherded from the sanctuary to the Good Shepherd atrium at the reading of the Gospel.  During this time, they will gather for their own age-appropriate liturgy and lesson on the readings of the day.  While volunteers nurture the children, their parents will also benefit as they receive the opportunity to listen more deeply to the sermon.  After all have had the opportunity to reflect in their own way, the kids will return during the Peace and be by their parents’ side to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion with the entire church family.

This new ministry will require adults and teenagers to volunteer on a rotating basis.  If you are interested in learning more, or being trained for this ministry, please email me at mvano@stmargaretschurch.org.

The other significant result of the Children’s Ministry Survey is that I, with the support of the vestry and staff, have decided to suspend the Sunday school offering during the summer.  Though many of us prefer to offer Sunday school year-round, there simply is not enough interest from volunteers, children, and parents to sustain the program during the summer.  So, until there is demonstrated a greater demand, we will be concluding the Sunday school year on May 17, and resuming on September 13. 

This does not mean that St. Margaret’s is closed for summer vacation!!  We’ll continue to have rich and meaningful weekly worship, with the addition of the children’s sermon, as well as community events throughout the summer.  If you’re away on vacation, please enjoy your time and be safe, and as often as you’re home, come and be with your St. Margaret’s family!

Overall, the results of the Children’s Ministry survey reveal that the respondents are very satisfied with the quality of our ministry to children.  Families have many competing demands upon their time, but the children who attend Sunday school have positive experiences, the Sunday school teachers see children growing in faith, and parents feel that their children have adequate opportunities for Christian formation and spiritual nourishment.  I’m grateful to all the volunteers who give their time and energy to nurture the children in this community.  I know that not everyone participated in the survey.  If you ever have any feedback to provide, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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