More on Building the Good News

by Michael Connery on October 12, 2016
St. Margaret’s Family,

Mary, your Vestry, and I want to give you a brief update on the progress of the Building the Good News capital campaign.

Over the course of the year, with your enthusiastic engagement, we’ve learned from a revealing discernment process, developed a plan that we believe supports what makes St. Margaret’s uniquely meaningful to us and those we touch, and gained perspective through an encouraging feasibility study.

So, where are we now?

This past week, like so many other Sundays, in her sermon Mary gift-wrapped and delivered a message so appropriate, I’ll build around it.  If you didn’t hear it, please give it a listen.  Like the exiled Jews of Jeremiah’s day and the chess-experts who surrounded Bobby Fischer, we so often deal with the immediate, with what we’ve known and where we are.

So, as we celebrate our 25th year, it’s so natural and good to take time to remember the joys of the past and the blessings of today, but it’s also an opportunity to look past the next week, the next month, even the next year to envision what God calls us to do in our next 25 years.

With this in mind, the Vestry has prayerfully and thoughtfully decided to move forward with the Building the Good News capital campaign. The Vestry and campaign leadership team will be working quietly behind the scenes in the final months of 2016 to prepare for a public giving phase to begin in early 2017.  Using the results of the Feasibility Study as a guide, the details are still being defined, but know that we are moving forward and will be adding space to our church home to support growing membership, education, and ministries.  (More information is available on our website here. You can also request to see a full copy of the Feasibility Study report at the church office.)

Our priority for the coming month leading up to our anniversary celebration on November 13th is Annual Stewardship giving. Remember, Annual Stewardship pledges are the lifeblood of this congregation, keeping existing buildings running, salaries paid, and ministries thriving. With a strong commitment to Annual Stewardship this fall, together we lay the foundation for a successful Building the Good News capital campaign in 2017.

Our hope is that, like Jeremiah and Bobby Fischer, we are making challenging moves, positioning ourselves to bring God’s light into the world.

In faith,
Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee