LTN 2018 Together as One

by Rev Stephanie Fox on October 4, 2018
Love Thy Neighbor 2018: Together as One

This was my first time attending the annual Love Thy Neighbor Event and it moved me in ways I cannot easily express.This was an event sponsored by the Arkansas House of Prayer and the Interfaith Center. Both of these organizations are an outreach of the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas and St. Margaret's Church. The event started as a loving response to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, as a way to bring different faith communities together. It has grown every year and we had over 500 attend this evening of music, prayer and fellowship,

The evening started with songs from various faith traditions, honoring all, celebrating our diversity and what we hold in common, a desire to seek God and peace with one another.

The Rev. Mary Vano opened us in prayer, 
reminding us that what unites us is stronger than what separates us.

The Interfaith High School Group presented "The Table of God", where there is a place for everyone.


Music inspired us, as different groups sang and played songs of unity.

The Interfaith Children's Choir was delightful.

Sister Deborah Troillet, Executive Director of the Arkansas House of Prayer led us in a time for Silence. 

Arkansas House of Prayer founder and Interfaith leader The Rev. Susan Sims Smith recalls why we were all here and why interfaith work is so important.

The Interfaith Food Festival was amazing!
Nothing brings people together like food.

  We shared food and fellowship with loved ones

We had time to connect with friends

And make new ones

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