Honoring our Past, Celebrating Our Present, Embracing Our Future

by Time Capsule Committee on July 23, 2019

What do construction hard hats…a knitted preemie hat…and a picture of our Rector wearing a hog hat have in common? * 

They are sharing a space in time until 2041, and they are also among the over 75 items contained in a recently-installed time capsule for the purposes of honoring the past, celebrating the present, and embracing the future of St. Margaret’s.    

The time capsule project was approved by the Vestry in 2018 to be a part of the celebration and dedication of the Peggy Bosmyer Christian Formation Center upon its construction. The Vestry designated the time capsule be unsealed in 2041 in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of St. Margaret’s with the hope that many members of the current generation of congregants will witness its opening, and again celebrate the church’s past, present, and future.

Based on research, it was determined a niche could be created in the new building to serve as an appropriate location for the time capsule, as it would provide a cool, dry, stable environment.  Exploration also revealed what items would be safe or unsafe to include, as well as types of containers recommended to hold artifacts over time; the decision was made to purchase, through donated funds, a 14x14x14 stainless steel container constructed by a firm that specializes in time capsule manufacturing. (One of the features of the time capsule procured is that it can be reused after its opening in 2041 should its recipients choose to develop another time capsule to celebrate the continuing story of St. Margaret’s.)     

Chaired by two members of the Alexander family—father Pete and daughter Olivia—a Time Capsule Committee, comprised of St. Margaret’s parishioners, worked over six months to collect and choose items for inclusion in the time capsule. Additional committee members included: Ella Grace Connery, Robbi and Scott Davis, Jenny Jackson, Mel and Rick Keech, John Keller, Jan Thames, and Drew Vano. Their work included gathering objects, reviewing documents, and selecting pictures that depict the life and stories of St. Margaret’s, major milestones in the history of the church, and wishes and dreams from our youth and Bishop Larry Benfield for the future of St. Margaret’s. The following summarizes the culmination of the group’s intent (from the blessing of the time capsule during the Peggy Bosmyer Christian Formation Center dedication):

We present to you this time capsule: a collection of artifacts that celebrates St. Margaret’s, from the time that it was founded in November 1991 to the present day. When it is opened again in 2041, we pray that it will be received by a community that continues to thrive and build upon the foundation of God’s grace in this place.


Once items were chosen, Keller--who is employed by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum--volunteered his archival preservation experience and expertise to prepare and pack the documents, photos, and artifacts to be placed inside the time capsule. He also developed a detailed inventory of the sealed items; a copy of the inventory is included in the time capsule. Subsequently, the St. Margaret’s time capsule was registered with the International Time Capsule Society (ITCS).

On behalf of the Time Capsule Committee, hats off to all who contributed items to the time capsule, and to you (and those we no longer see) for your special role in building the story of our St. Margaret’s church home!  You are celebrated!   

*The hard hats pictured were worn by parishioners  from the 2017 celebratory kick-off of “Building the Good News”   Capital Campaign; the preemie hat shown is representative of those knitted by the Needlework Guild (the hat sealed in the time capsule was knitted by Chloe Langston); and the picture of Rector Mary Vano was taken on her welcoming to St. Margaret’s in 2011.