Good News for St. Margaret's

by Shay Fortune on December 5, 2013
When I wake up, I try to remember to say a little prayer, “Thank you Lord for this day.  Help me to be a blessing to others in all that I do and say.”  It’s not always easy to remember to say this and it certainly isn’t always easy to follow through on that prayer!
This past year has given me lots to think about in terms of thankfulness and blessings both.  One of my sources of gratitude and blessings is my St. Margaret’s family.  We may not be a big family with a huge house with all the amenities, but we are a house of love and compassion. 
One recent example is the swab party for the national registry for stem cell and bone marrow donations that we held in early October in honor of Elizabeth Fortune.  Every single person who was eligible to swab that day came by to complete a kit.  Even those who had already swabbed at another event came by to tell us that they were already on the registry lest we think they were shirking duty.  Many who were unable to register due to age restrictions came by to express regrets of being unable to participate.  Though Elizabeth’s donation process was already in progress, and none of our participants could directly help her, everyone was eager to register in order to possibly help someone.  What a blessing it would be to give someone a chance to live!  How thankful we are that 45 people from our St. Margaret’s family were added to the donor registry!
Another example of the gratitude I have for our St. Margaret’s family is the yearly Rice Depot gift sales that I sell before Christmas.  Our church purchases an average of $1000 worth of these products every year to help Rice Depot and their fight against hunger in Arkansas.  Being able to help this organization is such a blessing to me and y’all help make it possible. 
During this upcoming season of Christmas and holiday bustle, please remember to be thankful for our church family and know that you are a blessing to each of us who are a part of this vibrant, eclectic community of faith! 

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