Forward with Joy

by Charlotte Brown on June 3, 2016
This is an exciting time for St. Margaret’s! Our church family continues to grow rapidly. Outreach into our community is expanding. Our classes offer numerous opportunities for all of us as well as the surrounding community, to learn and to grow spiritually.
Feedback from our recent discernment meetings gives clear indications of that growth. We heard that we are out of classroom space; our fellowship hall is cramped; and we are in need of additional office space to house the staff we will need to expand the programs we envision.
In 2007, St. Margaret’s held a successful capital campaign, “Launching the Ark,” with goals that included paying off our debt, addressing maintenance needs for our current building, and raising funds for an education building.
We accomplished two of those goals – we literally “burned the mortgage” and we have made numerous facility improvements.  In that capital campaign, St. Margaret’s raised more than $700,000 for construction.   Those funds have been very carefully held in trust to be utilized specifically for this purpose.
Our church is now ready to move forward and accomplish this third critically important goal.  How wonderful that we have such an excellent “head start” with that $700,000!
From our very first service at the Market Street Cinema in October 1991 until today, St. Margaret’s has remained consistent and faithful to our vision of building God’s Church in west Little Rock. Expanding our facility will give us yet another opportunity to live into that mission. Let us go forward with joyful and willing hearts.  The best is yet to come!