Flat Maggie Comes Home

by Ragan Sutterfield on September 8, 2016
After a summer traveling near and far, Flat Maggie has returned home. During her travels this summer she marveled at the wonders of God's creation in the deserts, mountains, and even in the depths of the ocean!  She visited churches in other places, saw the great cities of the world, and spent a few weekends at the lake.  Now she's home and ready for some needed rest and reflection. She's also ready to get started corresponding with parishoners and answering their pressing questions related to church, prayer, worship, and theology.  If you want to write her, send an email with your burning questions to Maggie@stmargaretschurch.org.  She'll do her best to answer it in her new "Dear Maggie" column in the church newsletter.

Here are some highlights from Maggie's travels: