First Kneeler Complete

by anonymous on April 5, 2018
The first needlework kneeler has been completed!  This kneeler stitched by Mary Burton shows the shield of St. Thomas, whom we remember this Sunday - the first Sunday after Easter.  Besides being the disciple who missed the first Resurrection appearance, Thomas is known to have been an evangelist in Persia and India, and to have built a church with his own hands.  On his shield, you see a builder's tool in front of a spear - the instrument of his martyrdom.

This is the first of two dozen kneelers that will eventually surround the altar platform at St. Margaret's.  Each kneeler will have shield of an apostle, or the symbol of one of the seasons of the Church Year. About 15 people are working on these kneelers, and though it will be some time before they are all completed, the anticipation is sweet.  Thanks to Mary Burton for leading the way!