Estate Gift Funds Music

by John Briggs on November 2, 2015
Thanks to a gift from the estate of Bill Pinson, we have been able to move ahead with two hoped for projects here at St. Margaret’s.

The first you will hear but not see.  Our sound system, which has been operating at the limits of its capabilities, is receiving much needed improvement.  The old soundboard will be removed from the sanctuary and replaced with a new up-to-date system that will be contained in the closet and operated by iPad.  This will open up space, making it easier to get in and out of our Williams Hall, and will allow our sound system to run more consistently on newer equipment.  Also, since moving the choir to the new loft in 2014, choir members have found that they have trouble hearing because no speakers are directed to that side of the room.  They will have new monitored speakers, allowing them to hear the service much better. 

The other project funded by this gift is something  you will see every Sunday.  We are replacing our choir vestments, which, after over twenty years of service have begun to show their age. The new vestments will arrive during Advent.

Bill Pinson, and his wife Marguerite, were long-time faithful members of St. Margaret's.  Bill and Marguerite were both gifted musicians, and as long as they were able, dedicated their time as volunteers singing in the church choir.  Bill was a man of modest means, but he believed in tithing - giving 10% of his "first fruits" to the church.  He instilled this same value in his children, who knew that it would be important to give 10% of his estate after he died to God's glory.  We appreciate Bill’s family continuing to think of Saint Margaret’s and their generosity in funding these projects.