Drawn to the Gospel

by anonymous on September 5, 2019
During the summer months, we take a more relaxed approach to Sunday school, and this year's summer class was not only peaceful, but also profound.  In "Drawn to the Gospel," we simply discussed the Gospel text assigned for each Sunday, and as we talked, we colored a related cartoon drawn by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham.  Jay is the Director of RenewalWorks (the parish renewal project that St. Margaret's did in 2018), and he is the Associate Rector of St. James Parish in Wilmington, North Carolina.  In addition, he is well known for his cartoons about church life and his animation work for the television series Schoolhouse Rock!  

Coloring is a great practice to help focus and quiet the mind, and in this class, the coloring served as an entrance into the Gospel - a way of opening up our imaginations and moving us toward a more profound understanding of scripture.

Thanks to all who participated!  This was such fun, we might bring it back for next summer, too.