Congregational Survey Results: A Transforming Congregation

by Hayden Blair on November 1, 2013

On behalf of the Vestry I would like to both thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the Vital Signs congregational survey. I received phone calls from many of you talking about the time and energy you put into the survey, and the feedback as a whole was phenomenal. 125 people took the survey, an excellent response rate.  My goal for the next few weeks is to help translate the information we have into growth and excitement that every member in the church will feel.
Our most recent Vestry meetings have been centered much on rediscovering the “identity” of St. Margaret’s. As leaders, we have tried our best to figure out what we do well as a congregation, and what could be improved at every level.
This survey has helped us greatly consolidate many of the thoughts and feelings we have had on various subjects, and will help us prioritize things from budgeting and outreach, to stewardship and Christian formation. We have been categorized as a Transformational church: one that continuously serves as a source of new meaning and purpose for our members, and may even serve as a mentor to other churches.
Despite our success, I have felt that each and every member has a greater vision for St. Margaret’s. Each vision may focus more on different aspects, but I feel that everyone is consistent in longing for continued growth and outreach as a community.

As a congregation we have many priorities that are unique to St. Margaret’s, as well as some priorities that face many other congregations around the country. We have learned about some of our congregation-wide perspectives on these priorities, and the results will help us take the next steps at the Visioning Event.
Here are some real answers that will give you an idea of what people are saying.
“Attended stewardship meeting; spent time with other members learning about what it means to be a "Biblical giver". Being present for that discussion have me a renewed appreciation for the church, and our responsibility in carrying forward its mission as one community in Christ.”

“I had this feeling after the Rector's recent sermon on compassion. I felt she was using the teachings of Jesus Christ as a manual for how to live in the contemporary world rather than a study of ancient history.”
“I am a new member and have just scratched the surface. I love the simplicity of the 8 am service, the proximity to the house of prayer, the welcoming nature of the people, the caring nature of our rector”
The Visioning Event will be an important meeting of the minds for all members of our community. I would like to especially ask newer members of the congregation to hear and be heard on their thoughts on taking real action to improve St. Margaret’s as a whole. (We learned from the survey that “new” St. Margaret’s members are those who have joined in the last four years!)

St. Margaret’s Day Visioning Event
Saturday, November 16, 2013
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

I look forward to hearing more insights from each of you.
N. Hayden Blair

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