Christmas at Sea

by Rosemary Siegfried on December 3, 2015
When Reverend Vano was at General Convention this year, The Seamen’s Church Institute’s Christmas at Sea was mentioned.  Mary brought their program to the Needlework Guild and asked if we would like to participate.  In November, we mailed a package of scarves, hats, and a cowl to their New York office.  The SCI adds to the volunteers Christmas gifts - a personal letter, hand lotions, lip balm, toothbrushes and other useful items; as well as info on how the SCI can help them.
 Many seafarers are from south and east Asia. (Photo Credit: The Seamen's Church Institute)
What is the Seaman’s Church Institute?  It began during the Spanish American War (1898) when a group started knitting, collecting, packing and distributing gifts to mariners who were miles away from home during the holidays.  They also wanted to organize a group of churches that were Mariner friendly and would minister to them.

What else does the Seamen’s Church Institute do for Mariners?
            Legal resources
            Maritime Education
            Environmental Guides
            Piracy Study
            US Visas
            And more….
The Needlework Guild usually meets the 1st and 3rd Friday’s of the month.  New knitters are welcome.  We also have members who crochet, needlepoint and sew.  For more information contact Jenny Jackson at 868-4180 or Rosemary Siegfried at 747-1614.
St Margaret’s Needlework Guild also gave 36 NICU hats, 15 Chemo hats, 6 prayer shawls, 3 Baptismal blankets, and 3 Holding Crosses.