Capital Campaign Pledges Celebrated

by anonymous on March 4, 2017
On Sunday, February 26th the halls of St. Margaret's were filled with smell of breakfast and a chatter of excitement.  This was the official end of the major push of the Capital Campaign and there was good news to share.  At each service, Capital Campaign Chair Michael Connery updated the congregation on the progress made toward funding the Peggy Bosmyer Christian Formation Center.  

The news was exciting!  We have received a total of $1,000,510 in pledges toward the Peggy Bosmyer Christian Formation Center!  $971,110 have been pledged by active members of our community; $29,350 have so far been committed by friends of St. Margaret’s.  We are grateful for all!

Michael also shared that there was a late development in the building project.  A member of the congregation was offering a generous pledge and matching grant to fund renewable energy for the church.  This would mean that the church would be able to expand its witness and live into greater integrity as a church that seeks to safeguard God's creation.

We continue to move forward.  The hard push is complete, but there is still room for more participation.  Please remember, we will be taking on a mortgage to complete the project, so every gift received will reduce our spending toward debt, and increase our spending toward ministry.  If you have not yet turned in a pledge card, please do so today.  The capital campaign committee will also continue to invite participation from friends of our community.
Thank you for all your prayer and participation!  Plan us to join us August 13th, when we will break ground and truly begin Building the Good News!