Bread Loaves Baked to Love

by anonymous on October 6, 2016
As St. Margaret's seeks to live into its 25th year we have seen a growth in our staff, our congregation, and our offerings to our community.  Among these was the beginning of our new worship service at 9:00 a.m.--a service intended to broaden the ways we can worship God in this place and serve our community.  

In order to invite friends and neighbors to join in the good news of what God is doing here, members of St. Margaret's Women's Group undertook one of the oldest acts of hospitality in history: baking bread. In an effort led by Jan Thames, hundreds of loaves of bread were baked, each one hand made and imprinted with the ancient Christian symbol of the Ichthys.  

Members of St. Margaret's took these loaves into the community and gave them with invitations to join us in our worship.  Whether those invitations were accepted or not, each invitation was an act of love. It is often said that good food is made with love, but in this case it was also made to love.