Bishop's Annual Visit a Celebration

by anonymous on May 12, 2017
Each year, St. Margaret’s is visited by the Bishop of Arkansas.  It is a time when St. Margaret’s can recognize its connection to the wider church and show the wider church the wonderful work going on in our parish.  When Bishop Larry Benfield visited St. Margaret’s on Sunday, April 30th it was truly a time to celebrate! 

It is the bishop’s role to confirm new members in the Episcopal Church as well as to baptize Christians into the church universal (a task priests do on his behalf when the bishop cannot be present).  Bishop Benfield’s visit to St. Margaret’s was a busy one with a full slate of baptisms, confirmations, receptions and reaffirmations!

At the 9:00 a.m. service Bishop Benfield celebrated three baptisms and at the 11 a.m. service he confirmed eight people as members of the Episcopal Church, received three people into the Episcopal Church, and reaffirmed two people.  It was truly a momentous day that bears witness to the vibrant life of faith we celebrate day in and day out at St. Margaret’s.