A Report from the SUMMA Debate Camp

by anonymous on August 19, 2017

St. Margaret’s is no stranger to the SUMMA theological debate camp.  One of our founders, the Rev. Dr. Chris Keller created the program and our deacon, Cindy Fribourgh serves as its director. This year two of our young people attended the week-long camp and so we asked on of them to share a bit about her experience.  Here are some questions we posed to Jessie Rayder and her answers.

What was the most interesting thing about this year’s SUMMA camp?

I thought that our prompt for our debates, "is there faith in Christ for Cruella De Ville" was a very interesting and thought provoking topic. I found that the way my fellow debaters interpreted the topic was very different from mine. I loved being able to see everyone's perspective on this topic, and I found it very interesting as well. 

What was the most inspiring part of the week?

Preparing a logical debate to argue in such a short amount of time, it's a great challenge and really helps you learn a valid quick thinking process. 

Where did you see God show up most clearly?

I saw God in all of my fellow debaters. The kindness and respect generated from them for people of all kinds is truly amazing and possibly the closest thing to "truly loving your neighbor as yourself" that I've ever seen. 

What do you hope to bring back to St. Margaret’s from your experience?

I hope to inspire the younger youth group members into going to SUMMA, because the experience is truly changing, and it helps really open up your eyes to seeing God in everyone.