2020 Vestry Retreat

by Laura McKinney on March 12, 2020
On March 7 and 8, the vestry held its annual retreat. Unlike prior years, which have largely been offsite retreats, this year the vestry opted to make use of our new space, including taking advantage of the colorful energy of the youth room.
Friday began with a social hour, followed by a reflection on the past year – the goals and the accomplishments, as well as where we may have fallen short. The vestry deemed 2019 a very successful year for St. Margaret’s! Not only did the parish add 19 new households, but we also completed and started making use of our new 8,000 square foot addition. We ended the year with a balanced budget, and we added two new events – A Wing and a Prayer to benefit St. Francis House and Ribfest to raise funds for St. Margaret’s. Ten percent of RibFest proceeds were given to support families fighting childhood cancer.  All in all, we feel 2019 was highly successful!
On Saturday, we began by electing new officers. Absalom Tilley was kind enough to volunteer to continue as Junior Warden, and Dwight Cowan graciously agreed to continue as Treasurer. Boyd Hutchins was elected Clerk of the Vestry. We also formed our committees for the year – Finance & Administration (F&A) to be led by Dwight; Mission & Ministry to be led by our Senior Warden, Laura McKinney; Property to be led by Absalom; and Growth & Evangelism to be led by our rector, Mary Vano.
We agreed to a few new goals for 2020, including creating a Safety and Preparedness Team under the guidance of the F&A Team, seeking more outside users and renters of our facilities, continuing support of RibFest and A Wing and A Prayer, and welcoming 20 new households in 2020! We hope our parishioners will continue to offer their energies and talents to make these things happen, and we welcome participation from long-time and brand-new members and frequent guests. More than ever, people need community, and we invite all to find it at St. Margaret’s.