The Acolytes vest (put on white robes), light the candles on the altar, and lead the procession into the church at the beginning of the service. The crucifer carries the cross and assists in preparing the bread and wine. At special services, acolytes carry banners, light extra candles and sometimes serve as thurifer, swinging the censor. At the end of the service, acolytes lead the procession out of the church.

Responsibilities include attending training sessions, being on time (15 minutes before the service begins), participating in the service and arranging for a replacement if you cannot serve when you are scheduled.

When - Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00 worship services and special services when scheduled.
Who – All youth (grades 3 up) and adults are welcome to join.  Families can serve together.
Time Involved – Acolytes serve about once a month. Training sessions are held at the beginning of each volunteer period (about twice a year) and before special services.

Scott Smith