Uplift After Loss Grief Group

Register for the Fall 2016 Session

St. Margaret’s offers the excellent grief-bereavement program Uplift After Loss.  UAL’s goal is to explore all aspects of the grief journey, culminating in focusing on how to live fully and joyfully while honoring a loved one’s memory. Our next series begins October 9, 2016.

Certified grief-counselor Susan Hiller willguide all six sessions, assisted by two co-facilitators. Susan co-started this program fifteen years ago, having been involved with similar programs since 1980. She is also an active hospice volunteer. Susan brings her many gifts to several churches and we are thrilled she accepted our invitation to lead the program, which will be  held every Sunday afternoon at 2 pm in the Adult Classroom beginning October 9.

Co-facilitators Rosemary Siegfried and Amy Gray Light will assist Susan. They have lead several Walking the Mourner’s Path workshops over the years. Participants will also be actively involved, with content guided based on the group’s needs.

This program is free and available to anyone wishing to attend. Register here. For more details you may contact:

Susan Hiller 256-4550 ssdh22@yahoo.com 

Rosemary Siegfried 747-1614 rosiegfried@att.net

Amy Gray Light 581-5665 orphicaeg@windstream.net

The Rev. Mary Vano