Education for Ministry is an international program of the University of the South (Sewanee) designed to train and encourage faithful people.  EfM is a wonderful small group experience, in which participants meet on a weekly basis during the course of the nine-month school year.  Group members get to know one another through sharing of spiritual autobiographies, and confidentiality and intimacy are establised as requirements of the group.  Group members commit to one year at a time for the four-year curriculum.

There are readings assigned for each week: Year One studies the Old Testament, Year Two the New Testament, Year Three church history, and Year Four is theology.  Through discussions and guided reflection, the weekly seminars furnish an opportunity to deepen understanding of the reading materials.

EfM groups also develop skills in Theological Reflection (TR).  By examing their own beliefs and their relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, participants can learn what it means to be effective miniters in the world.  Groups also worship together, Taking turns to lead prayers and/or meditations.

If you are interested contact:  Leah Dalton