Introducing Realm

St. Margaret’s is upgrading our church record keeping to a solution called Realm.  It primarily serves the administrative needs of our staff and volunteer leaders, but it also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved in our church.  Not only will this improve work life for our ministry staff, it will make it easier for our church family to connect with each other, keep up with what’s going on, and grow as a connected community of faith.
Three things for you to know:
  1. We’re updating the administrative tools our staff uses to run the daily operations of our church.
  2. We’re adding more ways to communicate and connect as a church, all while leaving most current methods in place.
  3. We encourage you to participate, but you have full control over how much you will make use of this technology.
How to Participate:
Create your Login
Use this link to create your new Realm profile.  Here, you'll see an option underneath that says, "Don't have an account yet? Register now."  Click on this link.  After entering your email address and password, you'll receive an email to verify your new account.  After you are logged in, take a few minutes to upload your own profile picture, update your personal information, choose your privacy settings, notifications settings, and more.

Get the Mobile App
Stay connected to our church wherever you go by downloading the free Connect-Our Church Community app for iPhone and Android devices.  Use it to communicate with your groups, RSVP to events, manage your giving, update your profile information, and more.  It makes it easier for us to connect throughout the week and know what’s happening.
When this transition is complete, Realm will replace both the Instant Church Directory and EasyTithe systems that we now use for our directory and electronic giving.  You’ll be able to connect with one another, keep your own information up to date, and manage your giving to the church all in one convenient place. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity and create your Realm profile today!

Notes about Privacy

Your information is your information.
  1. You have complete control over who can see your contact and personal information.
  2. Contact information is never public or searchable on the Internet.  Any information you elect to make visible to your church family is always protected behind a login.
  3. Authorized staff will always have access to your profile information.
  4. You and certain authorized staff may update your profile information.  In some cases, your group leader may update your contact information if you have made it visible to group leaders.
  5. For safety reasons, sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is limited.  Parents determine whether or not to display their child’s name in the church directory.
  6. Children under 13 may not participate and will not be able to sign in.
What People May See
By default, the viewing of your contact and personal information is limited to members of groups you are in, group leaders, and staff members.  If you choose to, however, you can make your information visible to the entire church.  But if you prefer to be more private, you can customize how people see specific information*.
  • Contact information: Name, Address, Phones, and Email.
  • Personal Information: Marital Status, Family Position, Member Status, but you also have the option of sharing your birthday, gender, allergy information, and skills with people in your church.
*If you are a group leader or host an event, certain contact information may be visible regardless of the settings you choose.

Privacy Settings
  • Everyone – Like a church directory listing, everyone in our church will be able to see whatever profile information is marked as visible to everyone.
  • My Groups + Group Leaders + Church Staff – This setting means information will only be shared with the people you are involved with at church.  This is the default setting.
  • Group Leaders + Church Staff – You would use this setting if you wanted to keep some profile information hidden from anyone who is not a group leader or on staff.
  • Church Staff Only – This setting effectively removes you from the church directory.  Your information will only be available to authorized church staff.**
  • Custom Privacy – Choose different privacy levels for specific contact fields and personal information.  You can do this n two places: when you edit your profile information or when you manage your privacy settings.***
**While you can hide the majority of your information from most of your church, you should that, regardless of your settings, contact data will still be visible to certain members of our church staff.
***The Directory page shows all individuals who have a login, along with individuals without a login who have been opted-in to the directory.  Currently, individuals with a login cannot opt out of being listed in the directory.

Family Privacy
A family member with a primary position such as “Head” or “Spouse” can change privacy settings for other members of the family and opt family members into  the church directory.
Birthdays are required for children (as a means to prohibit access), but it’s up to you if you want to share the birth date with your church family.