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Audio Processing Disorder assessment
posted by: David on 2/17/2019

Please pray for Audio Processing Disorder assessment wife and I have in London on Feb 19. That will be assessed accurately/correctly and get answers/help needed. That doctor/assessor has wisdom/insight to help us. For very safe journey, easily locate hospital and trains run correctly/on time there and back. Thank you.
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posted by: on 2/12/2019

Father,In ur mercy hear my prayer, please continue to watch over our son today and every day. Please let him settle well into his transfer and job and may all the staff &HR be good to him. Give him the strength, guidance, confidence, direction, support and protection that he needs. Thank you for all your continued support through his work . Help him to make some new friends and be more confident and comfortable in himself. Let him be content and happy. have good relationship with his sis &family
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posted by: on 2/11/2019

Dear God , protect arv from all misfortune and evil. heal him ,let him stay strong and straight. keep him with his family and take care of them bring him good luck,glory be to god thank to prayers.we want to total detachment from his issues&life.Amen
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posted by: on 2/7/2019

Lord,we need your merciful hands upon our home.we need way to come out of 10 yrs non stop family issues with via,everyone needs to live with peace,Amen
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posted by: on 2/7/2019

Please pray for my son for God to protect him from all misfortune keep him safe and straight keep him with his job so he can take care of his professional life too. keep peace in his home I thank God for his life and family and that's for prayers
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posted by: on 2/4/2019

dear father,Anoint A with whatever he is going through. Please help him find a job, guide him into an industry he will enjoy. Help him to overcome feelings of low self esteem, restore his confidence. Please let him be more proactive when seeking work. . I beg you not to let him fall through the crack,Amen
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Pray For Eyes
posted by: John on 2/4/2019

Praise the Lord I met with an accident. Please Pray .......... I loss my left eye vision, left Eyelid down, Left Eye Ball not in center. and With Right Eye Can't see proper. Please Pray For Eyes
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posted by: on 2/4/2019

Dear Father,no problem is bigger than your grace,mercy&blessings,thank you lord for your goodness&forgiveness upon us,now we need your merciful hands upon our son,who is in the darkness of bitterness,depression&loneliness .kindly bring him out of darkness ,show him light&success by your goodness .Amen.
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posted by: on 2/2/2019

Father,i thank u for redeeming power of the blood of Jesus and for redeeming ari from the curse of the law.we confess every known sin that gave the enemy any right to place curse on our family and ari. we repent&ask for your forgiveness &cleansing on our sins,In Jesus name .Amen.
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posted by: on 2/1/2019

Father,thanks for all you have done for our 2nd child,now give him wisdom to walk in the right path by your mercy.Amen.
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